David Wimbish

David writes the songs and a good portion of the music played in the collection. When not playing music, he enjoys eating extremely spicy food and playing with his mini-dachsund, Nigel. He and Mira-joy are married, and it is beautiful.

Mira-Joy Wimbish

Mira is a Californian that plays accordion and sings some of the sweetest harmonies. She is great at making crafts and cooking incredible food. She is married to David.

Heather Faulkner

Heather is a fiddler….and she does tend to like sitting on the occasional roof from time to time. Sometimes she dreams about being a rich man. Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum. But she never wants to be a rich man, so she drinks coffee instead. Lots of coffee..

Joanna Hampton

Joanna Hampton has less hair than you. She also is acquiring a Japanese dragon named Mira to help decorate her skull. With the help of Jesus, she can conjure up melodies on glockenspiel, trumpet and the melodica. If you have been to Mellow Mushroom, she may have made your salad.

Ben Thompson

Ben Thompson, follower of Jesus, plays guitar, omnichord, and a shaker in The Collection. He is 20 years old. He is a worship leader at Discovery Bible Church and an electronic music producer. He reeks puns like body odor; he is a very pungent person.

Tom Troyer

Tom Troyer plays a surf green strat and a beat up old flute he used in marching band. He really likes to ride his bike. He has been in the collection a really long time. Tom also answers to Mr. T-the name that is easiest for his students to remember. He also plays a 3 stringed fretted instrument…refer to this as a “dragontar” please.

Christina Goss

Christina could play the piano before she could poop. She is currently going to school to learn how to not kill people. She plays more video games than the average boy. Her secret identity is Spider Man, Lady Gaga, and Cat in the Hat.

Chase Salmons

Chase Salmons isn’t sure what’s going on. One minute he hits drums, the next he hits cymbals; occasionally - albeit rarely - a person. Some believe this may explain the spastic movements of appendages you might witness at any given Collection gig. Maintaining a 5-foot interpersonal radius is advised.

Hayden Cooke

Hayden plays the bass guitar or, as it is more commonly known, the dad guitar. His loves are selling gasoline, eating pizza, being mistaken for David Wimbish, podcasts, and worship. Hayden will play just about any game he can win, and will lose at any that he can’t.

Whitney Johnson

Whitwhee messes around on the organ and glockenspiel and sings from time to time. She’s getting hitched to our dreadful baritonist, Philip, this summer. She swoons at the sight of sloths. She likes reading, looking at pictures of nebulas and outer space, theology, spending time with homeless folks, climbing mountains, and traveling.

Luke Thompson

Luke Thompson wouldn’t send me his bio in time, so now I’m just going to write poop poop poop poop instead.

Steve Rozema

Steve probably dances more than your average child, and played trumpet in Louis Armstrongs backup band. He works at Awaken Church and is a UNCGreensboro Graduate with a major in something playing playing trumpet or being crazy. He always wins.

Stacie Cummings

Stacie is a speech pathologist, and the band always tries to have really great grammar when we’re around her. She plays the acoustic stringed almost bass, formerly known as a cello, and keeps us entertained with lots of wonderful randomness on her ipad.

Philip Keller

Philip is dreadful and wonderful. He teaches the childrens and rides his bike all over town. He plays a baritone or a euphonium or some kind of big brass instrument.

Joy Waegerle

Joy pretty much keeps our band together. Anything that doesn’t have to do with actually physically playing an instrument, Joy is there doing it for us. She’s the blue collar workforce with the white collar attitude of the band.


The Collection is something of a band or a community or a party from Greensboro, North Carolina. They bond with instruments and puns and play music that sounds a little like a train-hopping vagabond tripped over a drum-set and fell into the orchestra pit. Their live show feels a mix between Charlie Brown’s band and a live game of Tetris, but in some kind of wild multiplayer mode where everyone can participate in whatever way they’d like. Drink a beer? Wanna dance? Ready to sleep? You can do whatever you want while watching or listening to The Collection. They just ask that you be the most real and honest version of yourself possible, and that you don’t take life too seriously. Cheers!

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