It was only a few short hours after we found out our Kickstarter reached its goal that we got the news that my wife (our accordion player)’s Father had passed away earlier that day. The week quickly became an emotional rollercoaster for us of celebration and preparation, mourning and frustration. 
In a sense, however, it is confirming to me the place these songs have at least for me and my wife - death, even when it is natural, shocks and jars us, and can shake up everything we believe and think. We need hope beyond death, and I want to know that hope. 

As we are coming off the back end of our Kickstarter campaign and preparing for Wild Goose Festival, a Band Retreat, and then the start of recording our new album, I wanted to take a time to look back on the awesome things that came from our Kickstarter campaign. We’re so amazed by all of you and the effort that was put in to pledging money, writing articles, doing interviews, passing around videos, and just straight up promoting our Kickstarter page in so many fashions. It was incredible to see, and we felt so much love from everyone. 

The Kickstarter brought out lots of awesome articles, new videos of new songs, interviews, and just a lot of fun. I wanted to post that all in one place for everyone to see. If you wrote an article and I am missing it on here, let me know so I can include it. 

Thanks again for your love and effort. This album is happening because of YOU! 

Our Kickstarter Page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/852687167/ars-moriendi-the-collections-new-album-and-documen

Videos of New Songs: 

Sow the Earthhttps://vimeo.com/68895100

The Doubtful One - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MbH6K5RuYw

Articles about our Band and the Kickstarter: 




And Interview: 



When I first started studying music, I became fascinated by music within other cultures around the world. There are many people groups in Africa that have music so embedded in their culture, they sing songs together while working in the fields, around the house, at the post office, etc. Many times they use these songs to keep a beat that allows them to work better together in daily tasks. Beyond these daily tasks, many times villages will come together and the entire village will participate in song and dance. There is no such thing as the “band” and the “audience”; everyone is a part of the beauty of music that is being made. 

I remember the first time I met a band that I’d loved for a long time. They weren’t a huge band, and when I first met them, they were very kind to me out of excitement that I knew their stuff. As I tried to build relationship with them, however, over time they seemed to not care so much about me as a person; they only cared about me as a fan or a helper. I was disappointed that there was such distance built between the musicians and those that listen to their music.

From the beginning of the Collection, I’ve wanted to bridge this gap. We don’t want fans, we want family. It’s incredible to us that people would even listen to our music, and it’s so much more important for us to connect with those people than to figure out how to get “fans”. We want to know you, we want to meet you and hang out and find out what you like and what you don’t like and who your family is and what you believe and what you doubt and we just want to love you. 

Many people have grown to not be huge fans of Kickstarter because they see friends and bands and people abusing it, using it as a way to get free money without putting any work in. I, at times, have felt the same, seeing projects people post and purposefully looking away. I remember, though, when Kickstarter first came out, I was excited because someone has put together a platform that allowed us to do what I felt like this band was about: Let people name their price for our music, let people be a part of what we’re doing, and allow us to put in a LOT of work to make something that we can use to connect with others. And I still feel that way. We’re excited to have this Kickstarter released and want to use it to invite you into our community, so we can send you gifts, have getaways at our place, and give you music that is personal and honest to where we are. 

So, all that being said, thank you for listening to us, thanks for getting to know us. If there are ways we can better connect with you, ways that would make you feel more loved and cared for, PLEASE let us know, send us messages or leave us comments or whatever and we’ll do our best to be true to those things. 

And I ask that you check out our Kickstarter and consider pledging some money towards our new album. There are some videos, like the one above, and a lot of information about what we’re working on. We’d love for you to be a part of it.


David Wimbish (and the Collection)


Today, we’re excited to release the Kickstarter page for our upcoming album Ars Moriendi! Kickstarter is a fundraising website that allows users to pledge donations and receive rewards for what they donate. Those donations then go towards us making our album and other rewards for you. 

Our kickstarter also has several photos and a new video of a new song from the album. We’d be honored if you’d check it out, share, and, if possible, pledge some to help us out. Every little bit counts! 


Here’s the link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/852687167/ars-moriendi-the-collections-new-album-and-documen


Mira and I (david) were at the beach this week. It’s been a good time of working on trying to get these new songs more towards completion. This video is one of the new songs we’ve been working on and we wanted to share! 


the Winds of Change

I’ll admit that, though I’ve always wanted to be someone that adapts easily, I’ve never really been good with change. They say that you don’t learn patience without being in situations that normally make you impatient, and I guess the same applies for learning how to be adaptable. If that’s true, I’ve definitely had a couple of months of learning time. 

I know most of you heard that our cello player, Stacie Cummings, moved last month (we miss her so much!). There have been a few other changes to the collection line-up this month as well. Joanna Hampton, who has been playing trumpet and glockenspiels for the last year with us is currently packing up to move to Redding, California tomorrow. She’s lived with Mira and Me for the last six months and has really become our sister. We’re gonna miss her a ton, and she’s been a huge part of the band.

Our violin player, Heather Faulkner, is also currently taking a break from the Collection. She’s got several new things on the horizon and needs some time to take those things on. We’re excited for the day when she’s able to come back and continue playing with us. 

But don’t think we’re trying to kick all the girls out of the band! On the contrary, I want to welcome our new cello player, Christina Brooke, and our new violin player, Maria Fischer! Both are really incredible musicians and we’re SUPER pumped to be playing with them. As some of our brass section is thinning out, we’re definitely in the market for some new friendly faces, so if you’re interested, feel free to shoot us a message!

I remember listening to bands and hearing that the members were changing, and getting bummed because their next album was always way different and way worse. We’re aware of that, and really don’t want that to happen. The writing process is still happening for the new album and, so far, the folks that have heard the new songs have told us that they sound like a steady progression from the last EP. Definitely the same band, but hopefully more progressed. That’s what we’d hope for in an album, and we want to do everything in our power to make it that way. 

We’re still planning on trying to tour this year, and if things have to take a break with members and we have to wait till next year, we’ll be super bummed! So hopefully we’ll be on the road soon.

So I guess I’m just writing this to say that change can be good. Different, but good. We’ve experienced so many good things through changes, and I’m excited to see what these new things bring about. Thanks for being a part of it. Hope to see you August 12th at the Green Bean!  


Pay What You Can?

You would be crazy not to admit that the Internet has completely changed the world in almost every way. What used to take time and effort to accomplish or transfer now only takes a matter of seconds and a few mouse clicks! One of the most drastic transformations that has taken place is in the music industry. You can go on YouTube, Spotify, or Grooveshark, and hear just about any song you could ever want to listen to for free. If there’s an album you’ve been dying to have, but it’s too expensive, you can easily download a torrent program and get the album in a few seconds. Everything is easily accessible and can be free if you want it to be…legal or not.

 I truly believe that music has more emotional and inner power than almost anything in our known world. It can change your mood in a few seconds, and can say things that words never could. Victor Hugo was right when he said, “Music expresses that which cannot be said, and on which it is impossible to be silent.” We want everyone to have that kind of experience as often and as deeply as they can, whether they have money or not.

 That’s why we present our music as “pay what you can.”  If you experience something powerful, you have the freedom to support and invest what you feel like it’s worth you. Those who don’t have money or don’t see much value in the music will probably find a way to hear the album for free anyway, so we just want to give you the option to do things the way that you want. We invite people to pay what they can (or want), sell our other merchandise as cheaply as possible, and try to play several free shows every year because we truly want the Collection to encompass not just a band, but a community of people – musicians or not – that are all investing in each other and sharing the load.

At the moment, we are beginning work on writing and learning a new album. Soon, we’ll start recording, which is a huge process that involves a lot of people and a lot of money. We are also trying to buy a van, so that we can start touring more (and reach cities like yours!). We don’t mind doing things for free, as we think it’s part of that sharing the load process, but we’ve definitely realized that with giving music away and doing what we can for free, even the donations and money people do give us for our albums and merchandise isn’t enough to accomplish things like the van and the album – without other folks helping us.

 We’re not going to plead for money, or try to guilt you into helping. Honestly, the fact that you’d listen to our music at all still blows our minds, and that’s enough for us to love you (even if you HATED our music, we’d still love you!). However, we wanted to take this opportunity to say that if our music has touched you in some way, or if you believe in what we do, we could use financial support in our efforts. When it gets closer to getting the album out, we’ll have a Kickstarter set up, but there are a couple of ways that you can help out until then as well.

 We love the idea of patronage. In old days, some of the wealthier folks would sponsor artists, to help them live and continue creating beautiful art. Because of patronage, we have the Mona Lisa and the Sistine Chapel! 
If you’re interested in sponsoring us financially for a six-month or one-year period (or longer), we’d love to talk more with you about it. Feel free to send us an email at davidwimbishandthecollection@gmail.com. We’d love to talk with you about our Board of Directors, and what your money would be going towards on a monthly basis.

If you’d like to give a one-time donation, there are two ways you can do it. First, you can go to http://thecollection.bandcamp.com and download our album, and enter in any amount you’d like to pay.  Your other option is to go to our website at http://thecollectionfamilyband.com/support and click on the “Donate” button at the bottom. It goes through PayPal, and is very secure.

If you don’t want to donate, we love you and support that decision, and hope you’ll keep listening and downloading and sharing our music. 

We seriously are so crazily grateful for all of you. I honestly feel like we have some of the most kindhearted, beautiful, and loyal fans that I’ve ever met. Thanks for taking a fraction of your time to read this and to care.

 Love from David and the Collection “family band”


Stacie Cummings

For us, the Collection has come to be something of a family. When you’ve spent time together in a crowded van, sleeping on floors in strange houses, and hoping you’ll make enough money in a night to be able to eat, it’s hard not to build relationships in a deeper way than just friends. My friend Edd tells me that when people play music together, a bond is formed that is deeper than almost anything else, a bond that is unexplainable. I have found this true many times when I’ve played music with people but never really talked to them. I see them around and suddenly feel some kind of kinship from the music we’ve made together. It becomes so much deeper when the music is mixed with an actual relationship. 

So here we are, a few years into the Collection, and our Cellist, Stacie Cummings, is moving. She’s been playing with us for over a year and this is the first time that one of our family is going to be gone. It’s a crazy thing to deal with. Stacie is an awesome friend, enjoys anime, gets really red cheeks when she drinks, and helps kids learn how to speak well. She has a new job in Austin, TX, and is heading out there in a week. We’re so happy for her new job (this old one hasn’t been the best…from what we can tell) and excited to see what adventures are waiting for her. 

In the meantime, we are sad to see her move, as it really is like losing a part of our family. Stacie is still going to be involved as much as possible, will hopefully be on the new album and a few other things we’re working on releasing, and might get to see some tours with us in the future. But for now, things will be different for both her and us. So, I just wanted to write this blog to let you know how awesome Stacie is, and to say Thanks, Stacie, for all the work and love you’ve put in to the Collection. It will never be the same without you here, and we love you a ton. 



I don’t do this very often, but wanted to take this time to share something with you. David (singer/stringedinstruments) and Dr. hayden (yeller/bassspecialist) are in another band called ElisaRay with their good friends Tommy and Christina. They just released a new CD called “All Creatures” which is kind of a new exploration into some traditional folk and bluegrass traditions, with a bit of a modern twist. 

We wanted to share the music with you, in case you’re interested in listening.
you can download the new full length for free at http://elisaray.bandcamp.com


We’re excited to announce to ya’ll (at least, those who don’t already know) that we’re playing the Wild Goose Festival. The festival runs from June 21-24 in Shakori Hills, NC. It’s an awesome camping weekend that focuses on Justice, Art, Spirituality and Music. We’re honored to be sharing the stage with awesome musicians like David Crowder, Derek Webb, Listener, Songs of Water, and Over the Rhine. There are also going to be a ton of great speakers including Brian Mclaren, Shane Claiborne and Jim Wallis. We’re going to be playing on Saturday, June 23rd on the Cafe Stage at 1, though, we’d encourage you to go for the whole weekend. It’s gonna be a jolly good time! Come hang out with us and explore new things! 

We’re excited to announce to ya’ll (at least, those who don’t already know) that we’re playing the Wild Goose Festival. The festival runs from June 21-24 in Shakori Hills, NC. It’s an awesome camping weekend that focuses on Justice, Art, Spirituality and Music. We’re honored to be sharing the stage with awesome musicians like David Crowder, Derek Webb, Listener, Songs of Water, and Over the Rhine. There are also going to be a ton of great speakers including Brian Mclaren, Shane Claiborne and Jim Wallis. We’re going to be playing on Saturday, June 23rd on the Cafe Stage at 1, though, we’d encourage you to go for the whole weekend. It’s gonna be a jolly good time! Come hang out with us and explore new things!


Our New Website

If you’re reading this, that means you’re on our brand new, “the Collection” website. Thanks for taking the time to visit us here! Our good friend, Seth Hall, helped us out with putting this thing together for us. He’s a genius and making films and making websites. If you have any needs in either of those areas, check him out at Middle8Media 
He’s a great guy and is really helpful.

While you’re here, take some time to look around at our videos, some new band bios section, and a financial support section. We’d love to get to know you better, so feel free to check out the contact section and send us an email.

We love you and all that you do. Thanks so much!  


The Collection is something of a band or a community or a party from Greensboro, North Carolina. They bond with instruments and puns and play music that sounds a little like a train-hopping vagabond tripped over a drum-set and fell into the orchestra pit. Their live show feels a mix between Charlie Brown’s band and a live game of Tetris, but in some kind of wild multiplayer mode where everyone can participate in whatever way they’d like. Drink a beer? Wanna dance? Ready to sleep? You can do whatever you want while watching or listening to The Collection. They just ask that you be the most real and honest version of yourself possible, and that you don’t take life too seriously. Cheers!

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